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what's the maintenance on extensions?

With Invisible Bead Extensions® I ask that you come approximately every 8 weeks for a reinstall. At that appointment I analyze your grow out, take out your rows, troubleshoot anything you've been struggling with as far as placement, and then I use new beads and new thread to put your wefts back on your head.

I say "approximately" because my more fine-haired clients will need to come in closer to 7 weeks, where I have some clients that have the ability to go 9-10+ weeks.

are extensions expensive?

The #1 question I get but, the problem is, the answer varies and is a bit subjective.

Remember, before you ask any extension artist their price, that extensions are a luxury service. Do I want to live without extensions? Absolutely not. Do I NEED extensions? No.

Next, consider their level of training and expertise. There are lots of ways to get certified, but there is only one way to become an expert and that's putting in your 10,000 hours.

I have been certified in Invisible Bead Extensions® for almost 2 years now, gone through master classes, and became a Platform Artist. My constant search for improvement and knowledge is consistent.

Finally, know that we assign value differently. What is expensive to you might not be expensive to someone else.

Why should i get extensions?

Bring you confidence? Simplify your morning routine? Make you excited to get ready?

With Invisible Bead Extensions® your hair can be all those things - and more. As a method, it's safe for even the finest of hair. As a lifestyle, it's a game changer. I'm biased, I know.

how long does the hair last?

Most extension hair companies will say 7-10 months with proper at home care. I say so much depends on you! Usually people get 8-10 months out of their hair, but some are really hard on their hair and so that means closer to 6 months. Some are super careful, and they can get a year or more out of their hair! I do my best to source the highest quality hair and set you up for success; rest is up to you!

I chose to name my business Thairapy because my chair is a safe space for you to come as you are. Your appointment is your time - you will always be my only client, and that time is customized to how you want it to be. Your hair should only enhance your style, and those moments you spend on it should never feel complicated or wasted. You are beautiful and you deserve to feel that way.

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